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Quality knows no boundaries. Manzanares International Lawyers has been established for over 10 years and has a deep-rooted understanding of how to apply the law in each geographical location. Tell us your needs, we speak your language.

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Manzanares International Lawyers

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Manzanares International Lawyers, SLP, is a law firm which offers legal counsel in various countries in collaboration with local professionals. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the law there (Bulgaria, Brazil, Morocco, Italy and Turkey), our clients’ interests are always represented with local intelligence. The services are executed by the legal firm operating in the relevant country.

The efficiency and quality of our practice is directly related to our physical presence where our clients’ interests are situated. Our objective is to create an international team of local lawyers, who can seamlessly offer first-hand knowledge of the quirks and characters of each region. In fact our local knowledge is key to being able to offer a premier service to our clients. 

Real Estate Law (Conveyancing)

Financial & Tax Law

Mortgage & Loan Management

Probate & Inheritance Law

Property, Construction & Urban Law

Civil, Social & Administrative Claims

Civil, Social & Administrative Litigation

Immigrant Law

Contracts, Civil & Commercial Transactions

Our Areas Of Expertise:

Our company is more than just a lawyers practice. Manzanares Lawyers is a collaboration between a group of highly qualified professionals, all rigorously selected; not only for their aptitude in the job, but also for their personal capacity to form part of our consistent and united team. Every team member is an ambassador of Manzanares International Lawyers and represents the reputation of a company, dedicated to providing services of maximum quality.

Manzanares International Lawyers

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Range of international offices including several locations-Italy, Morocco, Brazil, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The goal for our highly skilled team accross the globe is to deliver the highest service, integrity and expertise.

Manzanares is more than a group of highly skilled individuals, each one of us is rigorously selected.

We don't internationalize groups of lawyers, we create an international team of local lawyers.

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